MetroAir Statement on April 1st Boeing 787-8 Order

KANSAS CITY, MO – MetroAir Virtual executives set out today to correct confusion about yesterday’s announcement of their purchase of 5 Boeing 787-s, with an additional lease of 10 air frames.

16766079000<em>68af028d69</em>h“There were a number of people who thought yesterday’s announcement was a stunt,” said Chief Media Officer Anders Young, “I can confirm that we will indeed be receiving a total of 15 Boeing 787-8s next year.”

MetroAir Virtual has a history of making big announcements on April Fool’s Day, with mixed results as to their validity.

In 2010, MetroAir announced they would be closing their Washington-Dulles hub on April 1st, which ended up being a prank. While the announcement was a prank at the time, the hub was eventually moved to Baltimore-Washington 2 years later.

In 2011, an announcement of a landmark deal with Boeing for four 777-300ERs was made. Many pilots called out the announcement as an April Fool’s Day joke, but were happily proven wrong as the long-haul aircraft was integrated into the MetroAir fleet within a year.

2012 brought an announcement of A380s joining the fleet, specifically for the purpose of beginning a nonstop flight between Baltimore and Beijing. Although a rendering of an A380 in MetroAir colors was provided, this one turned out to be false.

MetroAir continued in 2013, announcing they would rebrand as Cirrus Air, the airline they absorbed in 2010.

After taking a year off in 2014 to let the rumor mill settle, MetroAir returned to their pranking ways this year. Knowing their first 787-8 would be revealed to the public eye in the Spring, MetroAir worked with Boeing to make sure it was not rolled out of the factory and on to the Paine Field flight line until the early morning of April 2nd.

“Our first 787 was towed out of the factory this morning and is now awaiting the next step in the long process of manufacturing,” said Fleet Director Zak Winnick, “All of us in the office are very excited for the 787and can’t wait until they come online.”

“We may or may not have intentionally planned for an April 1st announcement,” joked a MetroAir employee who wished to remain anonymous, “We’re already planning for next year.”