MetroAir Collects 10 Daily Slot Pairs at Washington-Reagan Airport

WASHINGTON D.C. – MetroAir announced Wednesday that they have collected 20 daily slots at Washington-Reagan International Airport in the form of 10 slot pairs.

Last month, MetroAir Virtual filed a request with the Department of Justice asking for additional slots to be divested as a result of the American/US Airways merger. MetroAir Virtual officials announced frustration with the DOJ after the initial division of slots resulted in MetroAir receiving just five weekly slot pairs.

The Department of Justice notified MetroAir Virtual officials Tuesday morning that the airline’s bid for eight slot pairs had been approved.

In addition to the eight slot pairs received from the DOJ divestment, MetroAir also agreed to lease two daily slot pairs from United Airlines. The terms of the deal were not disclosed to the public.

Outspoken MetroAir COO William Hogarth stated, “We are expecting to add a full compliment of flights in order to maximize our opportunities at Reagan International. We are currently planning on adding service to cities we do not currently serve from DCA.”

The additional DCA slots will allow MetroAir to expand into the incredibly popular airport, located just minutes from the nation’s capital.