New A319 Special Livery: Keep Austin Weird!

AUSTIN, TX – MetroAir is celebrating their recently announced Austin expansion with a special livery! The unique paint scheme will feature the trademark phrase “Keep Austin Weird” and will painted on an Airbus A319.

The livery is based off a mural located in Austin’s historic Sixth Street district which features bright colored rectangles and block text. Below the main text is the popular phrase “Don’t Mess With Texas” and “Since 1839“, the year of Austin’s incorporation.

The aircraft to be painted, N593CL, is currently in the paint shop in New Iberia and will be ferried back to Kansas City by Saturday morning. The aircraft will fly twice daily between MetroAir’s Kansas City headquarters and Austin, as well a daily flight to Sacramento.

Textures for this aircraft will be available for both the Project Airbus and Aerosoft A319 models,  but will cost 200 MetroMiles to download.

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