November Hub Competition: Featured Flights ONLY


The November Hub Competition starts tonight at 0000Z!

The competition is fairly simple and basic. Basically, the hub that flies more, wins. Each ACARS flight flown by a pilot earns their hub a base number of points, and the hub with the most points at the end of the month takes the cake. There are a few ways to boost the number of points you earn per PiRep, but these criteria can change from competition to competition. This month, only featured flights will earn hub points. Lastly, a differential is in place in order to level the playing field based on the number of pilots at each hub.

Featured flights are flights that have been recently activated in the MetroAir booking system and/or have been flown less than 5 times. As of this announcement, there are 613 featured flights remaining in the MetroAir schedules. Featured flights can be found in the “Operations -> Schedule” tab of the main website, or directly by clicking HERE. Featured flights are marked on each individual bid with the words “This is currently a Featured Flight” in the Flight Information box. Hover your mouse over the orange text to see how many time this flight has been flown!

Good luck and may the best hub win!