MetroAir Subleases Two Additional Boeing 777-300ERs

NAIROBI, KENYA – MetroAir Virtual Airlines has come to an agreement to lease Kenya Airways’ 2 remaining Boeing 777-300ER aircraft for a period of 24 months with an option to purchase.

Kenya Airways is currently downsizing it’s widebody fleet in order to cuts costs, exchanging their 777s in favor of the smaller 787.

“We brought in quite some significant capacity last year, ” Mbuvi Ngunze, Kenya Airway’s chief executive said, “The uptake of that capacity has not been at the same level [as we predicted],” referring to the fleet of 3 Boeing 777-300ERs they had delivered in 2014.

In October 2014, less than a year after delivery, MetroAir agreed to sublease one of Kenya Airways’ new aircraft. The addition of these 2 airframes will see the entire Kenya Airways 777-300ER subfleet transferred to MetroAir.

MetroAir staff were quick to comment on the acquisition: “We were in talks with Kenya Airways to take on all three of their 777-300ER aircraft last year, but they ended up deferring the last two until now,” spoke COO William Hogarth, “We are more than pleased to acquire these brand new state of the art aircraft.”

When asked about plans for the 777 fleet, CMO Anders Young hinted, “we will be expanding into the Southern Hemisphere,” but would not give any further details.

MetroAir Virtual Airlines will acquire two Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from Kenya Airways.