MetroAir Announces Service to Sydney, Australia


LOS ANGELES, CA – MetroAir and city officials announced Friday morning the beginning of nonstop service between Los Angeles and Sydney, marking the first ever scheduled MetroAir service to the Australian continent.

MetroAir’s chief executive, Matt Calsada, said the first flight will take off on January 1st and will be the start of daily flights between the two cities. The U.S. carrier’s flagship aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER, will travel the new route.

The new service is awaiting final regulatory approval in the U.S. and Australia. It will add rising capacity to the already competitive travel market between the U.S. and the South Pacific.

“Our Pacific operations are a vitally important facet of the airline,” said COO William Hogarth, “Los Angeles and Sydney are the main business and leisure gateways for travelers between the two continents.”

Passenger demand between the U.S. and Australia has seen steady growth over the past decade. MetroAir’s new flight looks to capture the 31% jump to 577,000 Americans traveling to Australia, and the 148% jump to 981,000 Australians traveling to the U.S.

MetroAir’s competitors include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines who all operate one daily flight, as well as Qantas Airways which operates two daily flights.

On Friday morning, Calsada said rapid growth in tourism between Pacific destinations has made routes such as these more appealing to the airline.

“We believe this route will be incredibly popular and sustainable in the long-term.”

MetroAir begins nonstop service to Sydney on Jan 1.