EVENT: MetroAir Hub Crawl

Join us in kicking off the Boston hub launch with the MetroAir Hub Crawl! This is a two day, action packed, online event that will cross the country in any MetroAir aircraft of your choice!

On May 28th and 29th, we will travel between every MetroAir Hub, past and present, culminating at Boston’s Logan International Airport, fully staffed by VATSIM’s very best, ZBW.

Day 1 will begin a departure from Los Angeles (KLAX), followed by a touch and go at Ontario (KONT), continuing on to Kansas City (KMCI). After a brief fuel stop in Kansas City, we will finish Day 1 with a hop to Detroit (KDTW).

Day 2 will pick up in Detroit for a leg to Waashington Dulles (KIAD), where we’ll show off our touch and goes before heading to Baltimore (KBWI). Lastly, we’re shipping up to Boston where we’ll be greeted by full, top-down ATC services provided by ZBW.

Pilots participating in the event will be able to fly each route with any aircraft in the MetroAir fleet. Participating pilots will also earn the HUB CRAWL badge, which will be displayed on your Pilot Profile.

Hub Crawl Badge
Check the forums the week of the event for company provided flight plans and more info!