MetroAir Confirms Boeing 777-300ER Purchase

*EVERETT, WA *– MetroAir has confirmed today that a deal was reached with Boeing to purchase an additional 6  777-300ER aircraft, back in June. The acquisition of additional long haul aircraft was recently rumored on internal company forums.

MetroAir will be receiving 3 airframes originally ordered by Air India. Due to recent financial struggles, Air India has decided to cancel the order, valued at $950 million USD. Due to the order status and Boeing desire to keep the 777 production line moving smoothly, it is assumed MetroAir’s true out of pocket costs will be far less than the list value. In addition, MetroAir has placed their own order for the 3 other airframes which will be added on to the current Boeing production list. The first of the new aircraft is estimated to be delivered sometime in mid-October.

“These aircraft will be deployed on our transpacific route network which has been in dire need of both overall and premium cabin capacity increases,” said Chief Media Officer Anders Young, “You can expect to see our flagship aircraft on flights to Hong Kong and Tokyo.”

The Boeing 777-300ER is the only aircraft in the MetroAir fleet which offers the airlines’ highest premium cabin service, MetroAir Suite. Flights to Hong Kong and Tokyo are currently operated by the Airbus A330.