MetroAir Slashes Flights, Delays Cuba; Execs Say "Don't Worry"

KANSAS CITY, MO – A statement from MetroAir’s Chief Operations Officer William Hogarth today revealed flights to Havana, Cuba will not commence as scheduled on September 1st.

“There’s been a snag between the DOT and Cuban officials that won’t allow us to begin operations until a unspecified date in the future,” explained Hogarth, “It goes both ways, Cuba has to give approval and the DOT is still working to make sure airport security facilities are up to par in Havana.”

Hogarth stated that flights to Veradero and Santa Clara will continue as scheduled and service will no be interrupted.

MetroAir also faced concern after next months’ published schedule changes revealed over 25 routes on the chopping block, either being cut completely or a reduction in daily frequencies.

Long served routes such as Las Vegas to San Diego and Phoenix are set to end on August 31st, some of the last remnants of the Cirrus Air network. MetroAir has lagged behind Southwest Airlines and the new American Airlines on flights in the Southwest United States, cutting flights from Cirrus’ Las Vegas hub steadily over the past 5 years.

In addition, Memphis, Montreal, and Indianapolis will all lose direct service to Los Angeles next month. Indianapolis received a double whammy as it also loses two flights a day to Boston.

Despite all the negativity, Hogarth reassured interested parties that the reductions in service are a normal part of how the airline operates. He likened the airlines’ operations to a breathing organism.

“We expand in the summer to accommodate all the extra travel demand and shrink in the winter when less people travel,” said Hogarth, “it may seem drastic, but unsurprisingly, travel goes down quite a bit around the time schools are back in session.”

Going against the status quo is MetroAir’s decision to bring domestic widebody flying into the network. Los Angeles to Chicago O’Hare will see one daily frequency on a Boeing 777-300ER, the airlines’ flagship aircraft. Atlanta and Dallas Ft. Worth will also receive one daily flight each from Boston operated an Airbus A330-200. Los Angeles will see an additional flight to New York JFK on the Airbus A330-200.

Hogarth finished by saying, “Don’t worry, there’s always more to come at MetroAir.”

A full list of scheduled changes can be seen below: