LAX Terminal Shakeup Sends MetroAir Virtual Operations to Terminal 6

LOS ANGELES, CA - Twenty-one airlines will be relocated in mid-May at LAX in what airport officials are calling one of the largest terminal moves in the history of commercial aviation.

The changes are a result of the Delta Air Lines move from Terminals 5 and 6 to Terminals 2 and 3 at Los Angeles International Airport. Delta’s relocation to the north side of the U-shaped airport is part of the huge modernization effort at the nation’s second busiest airport.

The 21 airlines will be moved overnight on May 12th.

The move affects nearly one-third of the airlines that operate out of LAX, with many moving to new terminals and others to new ticket counters within their current terminal.

The airlines plan to complete their relocations overnight, opening the next morning in their new spots, Los Angeles World Airports said in a news release, describing the effort as “a move of airlines never before seen at a major U.S. airport.”

“While moving 21 airlines over three nights is a monumental task, Delta and the LAWA team have been planning and preparing for months to ensure a smooth transition,” airport commission President Sean Burton said in the release.

During the relocation, passengers are advised to check into their flights online and arrive earlier than normal, ensuring they’ve gone to the correct terminal. Three neon green buses will be available to shuttle passengers between the affected terminals.

Source: KTLA 5

How does this affect MetroAir Virtual Operations?

Effective May 12, 2017, MetroAir Virtual Airlines’ main operations and passenger check-in will move to Terminal 6. Flights will also operate out of select gates in Terminal 5, the Tom Bradley International Terminal, and the West Remote hardstands.

Specifically, the airline will operate from all 13 gates in Terminal 6, as well as 4 gates in Terminal 5. International flights operated by the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-300 will operate from the Tom Bradley International Terminal, while MetroAir Connect flight operated by Allegius will use the West Remote gates. Passengers can walk behind security between Terminals 5, 6, and the TBIT, or can use shuttle busses to connect between any of the 3 terminals and the West Remote gates.

Information for pilots regarding operational changes will be released on the company forum.