MetroAir Cuts Flights to Cuba Amid Overcapacity

A new era of U.S. to Cuba travel was expected to begin in 2017 as a 55-year old trade embargo with Cuba was lifted, but just a few months after beginning service to the island nation, MetroAir Virtual Airlines has decided to end all but three routes to Cuba.

Flights from Boston and Kansas City to Veradero, along with the daily flight from Los Angeles to Havana will end service this month after lackluster passenger numbers fell short of expectations.

"“Lack of demand coupled with overcapacity by numerous airlines entering the market simultaneously has made most flights to Cuba unprofitable," explained Chief Media Officer Anders Young.

As recently as January, U.S. airlines were battling each other in court for the right to slots to Cuba's capital, Havana. After May 1st, the only remaining MetroAir flights to Cuba will be to Havana, Santa Clara, and Veradero from Fort Lauderdale.