Coming Soon: Aircraft Substitutions

Do you find yourself wanting to fly a route, but not with the flights' regularly scheduled aircraft?

Just like real world airlines, aircraft substitutions do happen from time to time for various reasons. Soon, you will be able to switch out the regularly scheduled aircraft for a qualified alternative aircraft on MetroAir Virtual flights.

If a flight is qualified for aircraft substitution, a dropdown menu will appear next to the BID button. Qualified aircraft substitutions will be limited to aircraft of a similar type and have the payload and range to operate the original scheduled flight.

sub avail

If a flight is not qualified for aircraft substitution, usually due to aircraft performance limitations, airport restrictions, or insufficient range, an "Aircraft Substitution Not Allowed" icon will be displayed on the bid page.

no avail

Because aircraft substitutions should be considered an unordinary circumstance, they will require a deduction from your MetroMile balance to encourage operating the flight with its' regularly scheduled aircraft.