PRESS RELEASE: MetroAir Announces Opening Dallas/Ft.Worth Hub Effective October 1st

DALLAS/FT. WORTH, TX - MetroAir Virtual Airlines today reported the opening of a Dallas/Ft. Worth crew base and official hub designation effective October 1st, 2017.

Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW) will replace Kansas City International Airport (MCI) to serve as MetroAir's central hub. MetroAir intends to offer connections through DFW between destinations across the Continental U.S., as well as international destinations in Europe, Asia, and South America.

In February, MetroAir announced a partnership with the DFW Airport Board of Directors to invest in terminal improvements in exchange for greater access at Terminals D and E.

Beginning October 1st, MetroAir will have 35 gates in Terminal E at DFW, and will operate alongside its codeshare partner, Fly UK. The DFW SkyTrain offers a seamless secure connection between Terminal E and Terminal D, where international flights will arrive, and select flights will depart.

The past few months have included endless work behind the scenes in order to make the transition seamless on the personnel and operations front. Finishing touches will be made over the next three weeks to prepare for smooth operations from Day 1.

Unfortunately, the opening of one door means the closing of another. September 30th will be the last day Kansas City remains a hub and crew base for MetroAir. All Kansas City based pilots will automatically be transferred to Dallas/Ft. Worth. If Dallas/Ft. Worth is no longer a pilots' preferred hub, a hub transfer request may be submitted and any hub transfer requests will be granted.

The airline's central headquarters, operations center, and heavy aircraft maintenance will remain in Kansas City.

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