MetroAir Re-introduces the B737

Kansas City, Mo - MetroAir Virtual Airlines today announced that it has reached an agreement with manufacturing giant Boeing Commercial Airplanes to lease 10 Boeing 737-800 series aircraft, to be delivered throughout Q4 2018, and with 30 options for further frames through 2019. These new aircraft will permit MetroAir to further expand services from its Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) hub, where the aircraft will initially be based, and continue to deliver state of the art amenities to its customers while retaining a great deal of financial flexibility. These new deliveries are expected to fuel continued expansion in Latin America and the US Domestic market, challenging rivals with extensive route networks in and out of Texas. Asked for comment, Acting CEO William Hogarth highlighted both the expansion of an ongoing relationship with Boeing, and the necessity for fleet expansion.

"We have a consistent track record in making bold but informed fleet decisions to best position MetroAir for continued success in all of its key markets," said Hogarth. "We believe this order is a necessary next step to strengthen our ties with key stakeholders and position our company for long-term success." "These are great aircraft," said Operations Manager Jamie MacKay, "they're a great compliment to our existing Dallas and systemwide domestic fleet, and provide great fuel efficiency and the ability to serve some airports that would be challenging for the Airbus series."

As part of the agreement, MetroAir will immediately take delivery of Boeing's Boeing 737 Next Generation series, including the new Boeing Sky Interior and an IFE suite comparable to other fleet offerings. The aircraft is set to be configured with 166 seats including 16 'Prime', 30 Economy Plus and 120 in Economy. The first of ten deliveries is expected on August 6th, with a tentative entry into service date of September 1st. "MetroAir got its start with a [Boeing] 737, so we're excited to have been a close and long-term partner," said a Boeing official present at the launch event, "while we are excited to present the cutting edge technology of the Boeing 777-300 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Metro's customers, we are confident they will appreciate the flexibility and reliability of the 737."
The aircraft will enter service concurrently with a "brand refresh," a series of tweaks to the aircraft paint described by PR Manager Matt Spencer as "absolutely necessary... modern [and] sophisticated, and a real eye-catcher."