MetroAir to Host Boeing 737 Launch Event

We are happy to announce our next event and group flight will take place August 4th at 6 PM Eastern time (2200 Z), featuring the acceptance flight for our brand new Boeing 737-800s!

This event is category-free and open to all active MetroAir pilots. If you've been among the many patiently awaiting the 737 launch since FSExpo, this event is for you!


As usual, we'll be keeping up in Discord throughout the event, with plenty of fellow pilots and staff members to offer help or answer any questions. If you haven't yet joined our Discord, this is a great way to jump in! If you have questions about Discord or how to join, just ask a staff member, they'd be happy to help.

The Itinerary

We'll be flying a test flight, from Renton Municipal Airport (KRNT) where our Boeing 737s are produced, to McChord Field in Tacoma (KTCM), and then returning to Renton upon completion of the acceptance flight procedures.


Procedure: Fly the route as flown, perform the acceptance flight checklist,1 arrive at McChord and perform a touch and go (or more than one), depart KTCM heading 345, or via ATC clearance, to KRNT for a full stop landing.

Limitations: Be sure to adhere to all published limitations of the 737, and comply with all applicable FARs including speeds in Class B airspace, and remaining below 250 knots under 10,000 feet MSL. Suggested speeds and weight information will be communicated as well


  1. Metro Air Boeing 737 acceptance flight protocol

Test: Control surfaces

  • Move aleron full left/right
  • Move rudder full left/right
  • Move Elevator full left/right
  • Full aleron trim left/right - reset
  • Full pitch trim up/down - reset to T/O
  • Full rudder trim left/right - reset
  • Full flaps - Full retract (regular)

Test: Landing gear regular

  • After T/O verify gear retracts below 15 seconds
  • Maintain speed below Vle
  • Extend landing gear, verify extension time below 15 seconds
  • Retract landing gear.

Test: Stall Warning System

  • Climb to altitude between FL240 and FL300
  • Reduce speed gradualy, increase pitch
  • Monitor speed carefully
  • Verify function of Stall Warning and Stick Shaker System
  • Recover from stall once function has been verified
  • Abort test before speed drops to critical level

Test: Max Speed

  • Maintin altitude at or above FL320
  • Increase Speed to Vne and maintain for 2 minuted or more.
  • Verify function of overspeed warning system
  • Verify flight stability

Test: Ceiling

  • Climb to Ceiling altitude and maintain for 2 minutes or longer
  • Monitor cabin pressure (<9.1psi cabin diff)
  • Verify cabin pressure to maintain safe levels

Test: In Flight engine restart

  • Maintain altitude for FL320 or above
  • Shutdown engine two
  • Verify stable flight dynamics with engine disabled
  • Restart engine in flight
  • Verify engine parameters to be nominal
  • Repeat for Engine one

Test: Missed approach

  • Approach airfield normally
  • Decend to or below minimums
  • Perform missed approach procedure as published
  • Avoid touchdown (due to ACARS)
  • Verify ground radar system (incl. callouts)
  • Vefify ILS system
  • Verify automatic approach system (optional)
  • Verify engine TOGA response time (optional)
  • Verify engine TOGA sync (optional)
  • Verify flight mode switching into missed appraoch mode (optional)
  • Repeat maneuver as needed