New Regional Hub Manager

KANSAS CITY, MO - As this year continues Metro Air has had a steady increase of pilots added to the roster, a direction trending up that has created the need to have a staff able to support the growing pilot base. With Dave stepping down from Boston and Steve Miller taking the role on, it left room for Metro Air to reintroduce the Regional Hub Manager position. This role has new pilots at the rank of Second Officer reporting to the Regional Hub Manager until they promote to First Officer. At that point they will report to the Hub Manager of the respective hub they picked when joining. This allows for new pilots to have a dedicated person to help them through the beginning staged of their career.

It is with great pleasure we welcome Eric Bolt to the staff as the Regional Hub Manager. Eric has been with Metro Air since 2008 and is very excited to contribute to the airline and it's pilots. Eric is a real world commercial pilot and VATSIM controller thus allowing him to handle any concern a pilot may have.

Please join the staff in welcoming Eric to the team and we wish him great success in being Metro's newest ambassador to joining pilots!