April Pilot of the Month: Florian Schupp

MetroAir are very to announce that Florian Schupp has been selected as our April 2019 Pilot of the Month.

Florian Schupp grew up around Frankfurt Germany. At 35, he is a high school teacher for English and Political Science. He previously worked as a flight attendant for Lufthansa for 4 years. Before graduating University, he served his constitutional service with the German Air Force as a drill instructor.

Metro caught his eye after "being part of a less realistic VA and needed some challenges". He flew for Metro for a while, then for FlyUK for a couple of years and after a break from simming he's back!

Since rejoining MetroAir he has racked 48 flights of which 12 have been flown in April alone. He is often seen flying the B737 or A319 switching seamlessly between them.

Steve Miller

We hope you will all join us in congratulating Florian for his excellent time and service to MetroAir.

Congratulations Florian!