MetroAir Announces New Long-Haul Aircraft, Brand Refresh


Today, MetroAir Virtual has announced plans to introduce the Boeing 787-9 aircraft to the fleet, as well as a major brand refresh, the first since 2013. The new Dreamliner aircraft will join the fleet from early 2020, initially operating from our Los Angeles crew base. With additional routes planned to be announced after the initial introduction to the fleet.
The new brand and livery which has been designed by Sean Warren, will be introduced with the Boeing 787-9 and will then roll out to Metro's entire Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer in the near future. Chief Executive Officer William Hogarth, when asked about the need for the rebranding, explained: "This provides a new, clean, and modern look to MetroAir, and we are excited to roll this new brand out to bring us into the new decade."

Metro plans to take possession of upto 8 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, further fortifying our commitment to a diverse and wide-reaching long-haul schedule that will continue to provide links across Asia, South America, and Europe and especially complimenting our strategic partner FlyUK. Deliveries are planned throughout 2020, with additional frames considered for further expansion.

Initially, the new Dreamliner will operate Los Angeles to Osaka-Kansai, with continuing service to Singapore's Changi Airport three times weekly, and upon further deliveries, the service will be made daily.

This is a very exciting new phase for MetroAir, and we are grateful to have you here!