Second Joint Fly UK Event 5/23

On May 23rd at 15:30z, MetroAir and Fly UK will host their second event in the joint Cross the Pond series, featuring a flight from London's Heathrow Airport to Baku, Azerbaijan, on the Fly UK FSD server. This is an exciting event and an opportunity for Metro pilots to explore a new city that we do not serve, as well as meet and greet friends at our partner organization.

This event, just like the last one, will be Category Free and Rank Free permitting our pilots to fly any aircraft in our fleet that can make the trip. Callsign to be used is pilot number.

The last event, which took place on April 25th, was a great success, but we would love to see more participation from our side. We will be holding a Discord event on the 22nd at 6 PM Eastern Time to answer questions about connecting to the FSD server and walking through the setup.

We look forward to seeing you there!