Happy Holiday Season from MetroAir

2020 has been an extremely difficult year for everyone, what set out just 11 months ago as the start of a new decade, filled with all the hope and excitement of the year to come was shattered just a few weeks later. The world has faced its biggest peacetime crisis since records began and we have all had to quickly adapt to a new way of life.

We have seen many acts of great kindness and community spirit, as friends and neighbors came together to help and support each other. While are medical and health care workers have worked harder than every to keep us all safe and healthy. The pandemic has certainly affected each and everyone of us in many different ways.

We now find ourselves continuing to adapt to our new ways of life as we approach yet another new year. We are glad that throughout MetroAir could provide just a small sense of normality to our members and staff as we tried to escape for just a few short hours. We have tried to maintain normal service throughout and are glad to see that the relationships between our members has continued to grow.

As the world continues to be affected by the next phase of COVID-19, we at MetroAir wanted to take a moment to wish all our staff and community members a very Merry Christmas. With the fresh and encouraging news of vaccine distribution, and a promise that life will, eventually, return to normal, we'd also like to wish you and your families a safe and refreshing New Year.

For us here at MetroAir 2021 will be a chance to unveil new projects and ideas as we move into our 15th year of service and we look forward to being able to share more information with you soon.

We can't wait to see you in 2021.

William Hogarth