Metroair Logistics Expands it’s Fleet

Metroair Logistics, Kansas City, MO, December 29, 2023 – Metroair Logistics, a prominent figure in the logistics and transportation sector, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Sedford Global, a renowned provider of tailored e-commerce and supply chain solutions globally. 

This collaboration signifies a major milestone for Metroair Logistics and Sedford Global, pooling their expertise to deliver unprecedented services catering to the dynamic needs of the global market. As e-commerce continues to reshape supply chains, this partnership aims to offer innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes, optimizing logistics operations. 

To bolster this initiative, Metroair Logistics introduces the A300-600 Freighter to its fleet. This addition demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and operational excellence, aligning with both companies’ focus on environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction. 

Marek Michalak notes that the A300 fills the gap between the 737 and 747 aircraft in Metroair Logistics’ fleet, enhancing capabilities for even more efficient operations. The collaboration anticipates positive impacts on the industry, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for the evolving demands of the global supply chain landscape.