Zak Winnick Joins the Metroair Staff


MetroAir Virtual Airlines Announces Zak Winnick as an Operations Analyst

[Kansas City, MO, 7/9/2023] – MetroAir Virtual Airlines, a leading virtual airline providing a realistic and immersive aviation experience, is pleased to announce the appointment of Zak Winnick as the Operations Analyst. Zak’s extensive knowledge of aviation operations, combined with his passion for the hobby, makes him an ideal fit for this crucial role.

In his new position, Zak will be responsible for managing and optimizing the flight schedule for both domestic and international flights. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Zak will collaborate with the Route Development team to identify new routes, analyze historical flight data, and implement schedule enhancements to ensure optimal coverage and efficiency.

Zak brings a wealth of experience and expertise to MetroAir Virtual Airlines. His deep understanding of airline operations, garnered through years of immersion in the virtual aviation industry, will enable him to excel in this position. He possesses a strong analytical acumen and a track record of utilizing data-driven insights to drive schedule optimization. Zak’s proficiency in flight planning software and tools, coupled with his familiarity with flight simulation platforms, will be invaluable assets in his role as a Operations Analyst.

MetroAir Virtual Airlines prides itself on fostering a supportive and engaging community for aviation enthusiasts. With Zak’s appointment, the airline is confident in its ability to further enhance the virtual aviation experience provided to its members. Zak’s dedication to realism, attention to detail, and commitment to collaboration align perfectly with MetroAir’s core values.

“We are thrilled to have Zak Winnick join our team as the Operations Analyst – Flight Schedule,” said Chris Giordano, Chief Operations Officer at MetroAir Virtual Airlines. “His passion for aviation and expertise in flight scheduling will significantly contribute to our commitment to delivering a realistic and enjoyable virtual aviation experience to our members. We are excited to see the positive impact Zak will have on our flight operations.”

Please join us in welcoming Zak Winnick to MetroAir Virtual Airlines as our newest Operations Analyst. For more information about MetroAir Virtual Airlines, please visit

About MetroAir Virtual Airlines:
MetroAir Virtual Airlines is a premier virtual airline that provides an immersive and realistic aviation experience to aviation enthusiasts around the world. Operating solely as a hobby, MetroAir Virtual Airlines simulates the operations of a real-world airline, offering a wide range of domestic and international flights. With a strong commitment to professionalism, realism, and community engagement, MetroAir Virtual Airlines continues to provide an exceptional virtual aviation experience.