Sean Mullineaux

Sean has been flying in the virtual world for about 25 years and with Metroair for 14 years. He is the Chief Technology Officer and runs the technical side of things at Metroair.

Metroair Virtual Airlines Welcomes Alexander “Sasha” Ivanoff to our team as a Regional Operations Analyst.

Metroair Virtual Airlines is thrilled to announce the addition of Alexander “Sasha” Ivanoff to our team as a Regional Operations Analyst. Sasha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in aviation operations, making him an ideal fit for this crucial role. With his extensive background and genuine passion for the aviation hobby, Sasha is well-equipped to contribute to the success and efficiency of Metroair Virtual Airlines.

Sasha’s journey with Metroair extends back to the summer of 2008, where he served as a dedicated pilot based out of Dulles International Airport until the winter of 2009. This firsthand experience as a pilot with Metroair gives him valuable insights into the intricacies of our airline operations. Furthermore, Sasha has demonstrated his leadership abilities in various regional airline management roles, including serving as the Hub Manager for KEWR and KIAD at Virtual ExpressJet Airlines. His expertise also extends to the position of South Division Manager for Envoy Virtual, a digital counterpart to his real-world employer.

In addition to his virtual airline experience, Sasha currently serves as a ramp agent for Envoy Air at an airport in Upstate New York, showcasing his commitment to the aviation industry in both the digital and real-world domains. A proud graduate of SUNY Potsdam, Sasha’s academic background further complements his practical knowledge, making him a valuable asset to Metroair Virtual Airlines as we continue to soar to new heights.

We extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to Alexander “Sasha” Ivanoff as our new Regional Operations Analyst. Sasha’s arrival is a significant milestone for Metroair Virtual Airlines, and we are confident that his expertise, coupled with his genuine passion for aviation, will greatly contribute to the continued success of our virtual airline community. As we embark on this exciting journey together, we look forward to the positive impact Sasha will undoubtedly bring to our operations and the entire Metroair family. Welcome aboard, Sasha, and here’s to a soaring future with Metroair Virtual Airlines!

Zak Winnick Joins the Metroair Staff


MetroAir Virtual Airlines Announces Zak Winnick as an Operations Analyst

[Kansas City, MO, 7/9/2023] – MetroAir Virtual Airlines, a leading virtual airline providing a realistic and immersive aviation experience, is pleased to announce the appointment of Zak Winnick as the Operations Analyst. Zak’s extensive knowledge of aviation operations, combined with his passion for the hobby, makes him an ideal fit for this crucial role.

In his new position, Zak will be responsible for managing and optimizing the flight schedule for both domestic and international flights. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Zak will collaborate with the Route Development team to identify new routes, analyze historical flight data, and implement schedule enhancements to ensure optimal coverage and efficiency.

Zak brings a wealth of experience and expertise to MetroAir Virtual Airlines. His deep understanding of airline operations, garnered through years of immersion in the virtual aviation industry, will enable him to excel in this position. He possesses a strong analytical acumen and a track record of utilizing data-driven insights to drive schedule optimization. Zak’s proficiency in flight planning software and tools, coupled with his familiarity with flight simulation platforms, will be invaluable assets in his role as a Operations Analyst.

MetroAir Virtual Airlines prides itself on fostering a supportive and engaging community for aviation enthusiasts. With Zak’s appointment, the airline is confident in its ability to further enhance the virtual aviation experience provided to its members. Zak’s dedication to realism, attention to detail, and commitment to collaboration align perfectly with MetroAir’s core values.

“We are thrilled to have Zak Winnick join our team as the Operations Analyst – Flight Schedule,” said Chris Giordano, Chief Operations Officer at MetroAir Virtual Airlines. “His passion for aviation and expertise in flight scheduling will significantly contribute to our commitment to delivering a realistic and enjoyable virtual aviation experience to our members. We are excited to see the positive impact Zak will have on our flight operations.”

Please join us in welcoming Zak Winnick to MetroAir Virtual Airlines as our newest Operations Analyst. For more information about MetroAir Virtual Airlines, please visit

About MetroAir Virtual Airlines:
MetroAir Virtual Airlines is a premier virtual airline that provides an immersive and realistic aviation experience to aviation enthusiasts around the world. Operating solely as a hobby, MetroAir Virtual Airlines simulates the operations of a real-world airline, offering a wide range of domestic and international flights. With a strong commitment to professionalism, realism, and community engagement, MetroAir Virtual Airlines continues to provide an exceptional virtual aviation experience.

We’re Hiring!

Operations Analyst – Flight Schedule

Job Title: Operations Analyst – Flight Schedule (Virtual Airline)

Company: MetroAir Virtual Airlines

Location: Remote (Work from Home)

Job Type: Part-time (Flexible hours, suitable for hobbyists)

Company Overview:

MetroAir Virtual Airlines is a premier virtual airline that provides an immersive and realistic aviation experience to aviation enthusiasts around the world. As a virtual airline, we simulate the operations of a real-world airline, offering a wide range of domestic and international flights. We pride ourselves on our commitment to professionalism, realism, and a supportive community for aviation enthusiasts.

Job Description:

MetroAir Virtual Airlines is seeking a dedicated and passionate Operations Analyst to join our virtual airline team. In this role, you will play a crucial part in managing and optimizing our flight schedule for both domestic and international flights. As a virtual airline, we operate in a hobbyist environment, making this an excellent opportunity for aviation enthusiasts looking to contribute their skills and knowledge in a flexible and enjoyable setting.


  • Develop and maintain flight schedules for our virtual airline, ensuring optimal coverage and efficiency for domestic and international flights.
  • Collaborate with the management team to identify and implement new routes and destinations based on market demand and strategic objectives.
  • Analyze historical flight data and performance metrics to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for schedule optimization.
  • Conduct regular reviews of flight schedules to identify gaps, overlaps, and areas for improvement, taking into account real-world airline operations and constraints.
  • Work closely with the COO and other team members to ensure seamless coordination of flight schedules with other operational aspects, such as aircraft maintenance.


  • Passion for aviation and a solid understanding of airline operations.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to work with complex datasets and derive actionable insights.
  • Excellent attention to detail, ensuring accuracy in flight schedule planning and implementation.
  • Proficient in using flight planning software and tools (e.g., SimBrief, PFPX, or similar tools).
  • Familiarity with flight simulation platforms such as Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane.
  • Effective communication and teamwork skills to collaborate with other team members virtually.
  • Ability to manage time effectively and work independently, demonstrating a high level of self-motivation and reliability.

How to Apply:

To apply for this position, please go to

Note: MetroAir Virtual Airlines operates solely as a hobby and is not associated with any real-world airline or organization. This position is unpaid and is intended for individuals looking to contribute their skills and passion to the virtual aviation community.

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

MetroAir Virtual Airlines is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply.

Application Deadline: 7/2/2023 12:00:00 AM

A Message from the CTO

Looking back at 2022, boy what a year it has been at Metro. We have seen such a transformation that will set us up for a bright future. I am excited to be part of that process.

Boeing 737-800BDSF

We have welcomed a couple new things at Metro that have really allowed us to grab the next generation of flight simmers and those looking for variety. We have welcomed Logistics, something that has been in the back of my mind for many years. It is not a realistic venture for a US based airline, however we wanted to expand to allow more great payware aircraft and airports to be supported. We did this with the help of Jamie Milton who planned and painted some of the aircraft. This has potential to do many things in the logistics sim world.

Newaira CRJ1000

Newaira was introduced to get Metro in the European market. This was put together by just a few staff members, with Steve Miller & Chris Geo heading it up. I asked for something different and these guys ran with it, creating history at Metro. This expanded quick, both in aircraft and routes, most importantly pilots. It became the second most popular subsidiary at Metro.

Prism 737-700

This year Flyuk and Metro decided to end our partnership that has been great for all involved. We have been able to expand our pilot base from Flyuk members who decided to join Metro, it allowed our pilots to fly to destinations Metro did not serve and gave Flyuk members US routes to fly.

While all good things must come to an end, great opportunities can come out of them. While Metro had no real plan to expand in the UK market, I was sitting there one night, thinking how can we leverage our Newaira operation and close the gap. I came up with an airline idea that speaks to what Metro does. The livery idea encompasses Makai, Newaira and Metro. The name Prism, shows we do not only go in one direction but can bend to what the market demands. I sent the idea over to our staff and they again, impress me with how they can jump on a project, see it through and execute it flawlessly. Louis & Marek really gave great insight to how we could do this.

This is a nice segue to speak about the staff here at Metro. I want to thank everyone of them for their dedication, time, ingenuity and teamwork. I am blessed to be surrounded by such a flexible and smart group of people, not scared to try something new. Without Brandon, Steve, Chris, Louis, Jamie & Marek, we would not be where we are. And while William is still on leave, he keeps an eye on us and makes sure we are keeping on the right track. William and I have been working together at Metro for over a decade and have had the privilege to see Metro grow to where it is today.

Our pilots. Without you all, this would be a website. You all make it not only a virtual airline, but a community that collaborates & helps each other. Sitting here watching that reminds me why I do this. Thank you all for making this what it has become, the pilots are the driving force behind Metro and the virtual airline community.

Please take this time of the year and spend it with your friends & family. Enjoy the small things that bring us all joy. Thank you all for the amazing year Metro has had, thanks for being a part of our history and our future. Lets welcome 2023 with an open mind and see where the road takes MetroAir!

Introducing PRISM

Kansas City KS – Metro Air Virtual announced today the opening of a new European branch of their airline, named “Prism.” We had reported earlier that spotters had noticed unusual traffic from Hamburg and Shannon. This confirms what was already suspected by industry insiders.

Metro Air Virtual Operations Analyst Marek Michalak stated, “Newaira grew quickly and built up a sizable customer base. We bought upstart EuroStar airlines that had been based in Manchester England and already had landing slots to expand our European network. We made an offer they couldn’t refuse and it was a win for us with the slots already available.”

Industry analysts have noted over the last few months since the FlyUK and Metro codeshare partnership ending, there was not much of a foothold for Metro in Europe other than in the Baltics where they have been running Newaira.

Chris Giordano, Chief Personnel Officer stated “ Post Covid recovery in Europe opens potential opportunities to enter a market Metro Air Group was not active in until now. We saw an opportunity with Newaira and we were proven correct in thinking that there was a huge opportunity in the Baltic region, and we jumped in when we saw the chance.”

“Newaria represented a new era for Metro when we began operations. It was a tongue in cheek name, but we liked it and our customers certainly seemed to,” said Steve Miller Metro’s Public Relations Director. “We want to be clear, that we will have a big presence in the Baltics still, but we are expanding into Western Europe especially England and Germany.”

Sean Mullineaux, Chief Technology Officer said, “When you look at the livery of Prism, what you will see is a blending of Metro, with a nod to the traditional Metro swoops along with the colors of Newaira and Makai. While we will not operate under the name Newaira any longer, we will have very fond memories of that brand. It was very exciting breaking into that market and Newaira performed better than even we had predicted.”

So there it is. No more speculation on what one of the major airlines is up to. Prism is scheduled to launch on 1 December 2022 with both passenger and cargo service using the Boeing 737 700 and 800.

MetroAir & FlyUk Codeshare

The long-running Codeshare agreement between Fly UK and Metroair will end on November 31st 2022. Statements from both CEO’s on the decision are as follows Matt Lewis – Fly UK “I’d like to thank William, his team and the MetroAir members for all his hard work during the time I’ve been CEO of Fly UK, Both communities and VA’s have benefited greatly from the collaboration. Personally, this culminated with our joint cross the pond event we held together during the height of Covid and lockdown, an event that many joined and enabled us to share our joint passion for virtual aviation as well as bring two communities together for some laughter and discussion at a much needed time in the world. Its been a pleasure working with MetroAir and I wish them all the success in this new era of flight simulation” William Hogarth – MetroAir “It has been an honour to be affiliated with Fly UK and I believe we did set a precedent as being the first two well-established airlines to strike up a partnership in the virtual world. I do wish you all well and hope that the airlines can stay friends as we end our codeshare agreement. ” Both MetroAir and Fly UK can confirm that anyone with memberships at both VAs will not be affected by this move subject to standard policies and activity with each airline’s requirements. MetroAir members who enjoy their European adventures fear not, NewAira services continue in the Balkans area and we’ll have more news in the near future.

Welcome to a Newaira – Get it? New era.

At Metro Air Virtual our goal is to keep our hobby interesting and fun. With the release of MSFS 2020, areas that did not have good scenery with past simulators have now become much better graphically. When meeting on the idea of new routes, we thought this would be a good region to offer flights too because we have not seen many other virtual airlines flying in this area. With this in mind, we at Metro Air would like to announce a new subsidiary airline, NewAira! NewAira will feature the Boeing 737-700, Airbus A320 and the CRJ 1000. These aircraft are available as payware with MSFS, but don’t worry, we also have added paint for XPlane and P3D too. NewAira will focus on the Baltic area of Europe with Riga (EVRA) being the hub. There is lots of freeware available, and of course payware, so take a look at the routes and get ready for NewAira which will be live July 20th.