A Message from the CTO

Looking back at 2022, boy what a year it has been at Metro. We have seen such a transformation that will set us up for a bright future. I am excited to be part of that process.

Boeing 737-800BDSF

We have welcomed a couple new things at Metro that have really allowed us to grab the next generation of flight simmers and those looking for variety. We have welcomed Logistics, something that has been in the back of my mind for many years. It is not a realistic venture for a US based airline, however we wanted to expand to allow more great payware aircraft and airports to be supported. We did this with the help of Jamie Milton who planned and painted some of the aircraft. This has potential to do many things in the logistics sim world.

Newaira CRJ1000

Newaira was introduced to get Metro in the European market. This was put together by just a few staff members, with Steve Miller & Chris Geo heading it up. I asked for something different and these guys ran with it, creating history at Metro. This expanded quick, both in aircraft and routes, most importantly pilots. It became the second most popular subsidiary at Metro.

Prism 737-700

This year Flyuk and Metro decided to end our partnership that has been great for all involved. We have been able to expand our pilot base from Flyuk members who decided to join Metro, it allowed our pilots to fly to destinations Metro did not serve and gave Flyuk members US routes to fly.

While all good things must come to an end, great opportunities can come out of them. While Metro had no real plan to expand in the UK market, I was sitting there one night, thinking how can we leverage our Newaira operation and close the gap. I came up with an airline idea that speaks to what Metro does. The livery idea encompasses Makai, Newaira and Metro. The name Prism, shows we do not only go in one direction but can bend to what the market demands. I sent the idea over to our staff and they again, impress me with how they can jump on a project, see it through and execute it flawlessly. Louis & Marek really gave great insight to how we could do this.

This is a nice segue to speak about the staff here at Metro. I want to thank everyone of them for their dedication, time, ingenuity and teamwork. I am blessed to be surrounded by such a flexible and smart group of people, not scared to try something new. Without Brandon, Steve, Chris, Louis, Jamie & Marek, we would not be where we are. And while William is still on leave, he keeps an eye on us and makes sure we are keeping on the right track. William and I have been working together at Metro for over a decade and have had the privilege to see Metro grow to where it is today.

Our pilots. Without you all, this would be a website. You all make it not only a virtual airline, but a community that collaborates & helps each other. Sitting here watching that reminds me why I do this. Thank you all for making this what it has become, the pilots are the driving force behind Metro and the virtual airline community.

Please take this time of the year and spend it with your friends & family. Enjoy the small things that bring us all joy. Thank you all for the amazing year Metro has had, thanks for being a part of our history and our future. Lets welcome 2023 with an open mind and see where the road takes MetroAir!